What's your Name again?

This evening, whilst performing the stand-up comedy in the East Village of New York, I ran into a dude I had once socialized with several months ago. We did the "oh what a small world" thing and exchanged pleasantries. Hours later, after his departure, I received a phone call from this same 24 year old gentleman who proceeded to break up with me. "Look, I just wanted to call and apologize for not calling you sooner, but ahh I'm not looking for anything romantic, but I think you're great ahh..." yadda yadda,
"Listen, John-"
"It's Jake."
"Right ah Jake. Um...Dude, we made out like one time in July. " I didn't know if that was the right time to confess I had been cheating on him these last 2.5 months. I figured best to let it lie. He was finally ending our relationship I didn't think I needed to compound the hurt with the truth. I'll just have to bear the guilt of my deception.