a moment of silence

Wellington Mara died this week. A very emotional time for every US citizen. If it weren't for this little 9 year old boy from Montgomery, Albama, aka the upper east side, refusing to give up his seat on a cross town bus to some dude the Football Giants' bench would never have been moved to the sunny side the stadium. He started it all! And for that each and everyone living in the US or at least the NYC tri-state area should be grateful. Do you think the Giants would have been able to win countless championships when there was only 6 teams in the NFL and 2 superbowls when their were significantly more teams in the NFL if his players had the sniffles? No.


Will McKinley said…
Pick one:


a) wrote this post while high or drunk
b) are being intentionally absurd
c) wote this post while high or drunk and are being intentionally absurd.

Sometimes I think you would make a good character in a David Lynch movie.
GS said…
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