I'm not a doctor but I've seen actors play them on TV

They tell pregnant women not to drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes (or anything for that matter), or ingest caffiene. Here's the problem. They haven't always been telling women to avoid these things once pregnant. Which means generations of children have gestitated in a wombs soaked in chemicals. The damage has been done. My grandparents generation has been born, grown up, and mated with other defective former fetuses. Even if the "greatest" generation did what we now know we are supposed to do when pregnant (which lets face it our grandparents were not the abstaining types they were into swing music and nuclear bombs) it's too late. Our greatgrandparents' hard living totally mutulated their eggs and sperm screwing up the genetic code from there on in. No matter what we do now we can't reverse the damage done by thousands of years of not giving a shit about the fetus. That's why we're all so stupid.
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John said…
What you say points to why pre-natal care is more important than ever: We're dumb enough already!
Will McKinley said…
you have very well-dressed commenters. Or is it commentators?