Several months ago whilst temping I met another temp. As we took apart human resource files she told me how she met her last boyfriend on myspace. "What?" I thought. "People meet dating prospects on myspace?" I forgot before myspace was a place for bands, and now comedians, to harass people about their shows it was a place for regular humans to meet one another and possibly connect for some sex or a cup a coffee.

I recently got myself myspace space. You could stop by and listen to a joke and an older version of my song "Sober" feel free add me as a friend, the goal for an artist on myspace is to have as many myspace friends as possible, so that you can prove to some booker or something you are popular. Of course we can always negotiate the sex and coffee.

my myspace profile

Don't worry Friendster you'll always be my favorite even if you I can't upload audio.