Attractive Code For Ugly

I worked this computer moving job (it's one of my day jobs) in December. The supervisor on the gig was this very tall, slouchy individual with a long face. The other computer movers and I nicknamed him lurch. Which we called him behind his back. What God didn't give him in looks god made-up for in stupidity. He continually screwed up the job which was great for the extra hours, but not for one's patients or sanity. Well, Lurch thought I was quite the little number. I don't know if it was my oversized grey golf shirt that adorns the company logo. Perhaps the grey really made my eyes sparkle. Or if it was the oversized pants I where on these jobs that had his heart all a flutter. But on thing is for sure I was insulted. When an idiot finds you attractive it is an insult. Because they are too stupid to know what attractive is. If this man finds me attractive then it stands to reason men with intellects do not. I was depressed for days.