The Political World of Blogging

Faithful readers you may have noticed that which comedians I link to varies. A comedian might have been linked but then one day his/her name disappears from the roster. Only to reappear months later. And then of course disappear once again into internet ether.

A couple of months ago I cleaned house and delinked a number of comedians blogs. Many of the blogs I delinked are blogs that are no longer updated or no longer exist. However, there were a couple I deleted for personal reasons. Right before I purged my comedian blog roll I noticed my comedian acquatance Jack Kukoda had added a number of links to his blog. My blog was not among the additions. Hurt, I quickly deleted him. Take that Kukoda. Sure the boy had gotten me a decent paying day job and let me crash a party or two, but this no linkage cut me deep.

I ran into Kukoda at a Christmas party last month and gave him the cold shoulder. He responded by asking, "What's up?" I confessed my irritation about the blog thing. Well, I've discovered that I have now been linked to Kukoda's blog. And so today January 4, 2007 I relink Jack Kukoda's blog. (He is actually funny so it wouldn't be a waste of time to check it out.)

Now, some of you are thinking I have the emotional maturity of a 13 year old. Sure, that's one way to look at it, but I rather look at it as petty. That or I'm just really really sensetive and overly in need of acceptance. Either way I made my point. I won.