Product Un-Endorsement

If you are in currently in the market for new "do it all" phone--you know, a phone/mp3 player/camera/pda/salad spinner---may I stear you away from the Treo 650. It has one major flaw. The phone reverts to sleep mode after 60 seconds of non-use. Which means if you enter a phone number and then wait over 60 seconds to press send the phone sleeps and you have to re-enter the phone number. Which means if you've been awoken by the sound of dishes moving in your dish rack at 8:30 am while your roommates are away for the holidays the treo is going to let you down.

You'll hear the rattling of dishes and wonder how could they rattle there is no one home but you, and you are in your bedroom nowhere near your dishes, so it can't be you. There must be someone in the apartment. Obviously. Any sane person would then do two things. They would grab their 5ft broom handle they keep next to their bed and position themselves off to the side of their bedroom door stick in hand ready to attack the intruder. Secondly they would enter the numbers 9 1 1 into their cellular device. What they wouldn't do is hastily hit send. No. There is the outside possiblity that it was a mouse or more likely a poltergeist. The police don't like it when people dial 911 for a mouse or aparition. Cops get very huffy. You know how PMSy cops get. Instead the sane people standing silently with a large stick in one hand a their cell phone in their other hand prepare the phone for the 911 call once more evidence of an intruder is revealed. Then our heroes can quickly hit send calling the police while they battle evil-doers. However, if that cell phone is 650 treo every 60 seconds you have to hit the red button to turn the screen back on then hit the center button to unlock the keypad functions and then re-enter 911. How is a person supposed to focus and keep vigil if she has to constantly prepare her phone to call the police? Further, what if the serial killer in her house barges in her room while she's fiddling with her phone? She'd be caught completely off guard unable to fustigate the murderer plus she wouldn't be able to call 911.

Dear readers. Take my advice and get yourselves a flip phone that stays completely on for at least an hour. By that time you would realize if there was someone in your apartment they probably would have made theire move by now, and you can go back to bed.

If you insist on having a Treo may I suggest you convince friends to stay over until your roommates return from visiting family. This way when the dishes rattle you can just pretend it was your house guests.