I Won't Let it Go

Did it ever occur to the authors of He's Just Not That Into You that we women enjoy trying to decipher the secret intentions of men. We like to make-up execuses for why a man may or may not have called or why a dude commented on our myspace page, and then sit around with our friends and try to find the encoded message of his love in that comment? What would we talk about with our friends at bars.

If you are completely and utterly single then a little fake drama or a little mystery to some guy's intentions is fun way to have a fake relationship. If a lady admits to the possible truth that a guy is "Just not that into her" then what? She has to sit and talk about politics or global warming. I think the authors of the above mentioned book over-estimate that heartbreak that goes along with talking about boys.

Let's put it this way. There is a possiblity that the boy I had a crush for the majority of my public school life might attend "I Love Jack" this Thursday (Jan. 25th) at 8pm Downstairs at Julep Bar (9 Ave A). I haven't seen him since high school, but it turns out we have a friend in common. Now, if he shows up to the show does that mean he might be a in love with me? Despite him having a girlfriend of five years? No. But that's no fun. It's much more fun to talk about how in love with me he is. And how he's going to leave his girlfriend for me and try to steal me away from Jack. And if none of that comes to fruition will I be heartbroken and sullen? No. However, I will have had fun speculating on how in love someone is with me.