Really, Mr. Sachs?

Junior year English class: a classmate named Lindsay, kissing up to our English teacher, says, "It's funny, Mr. Sachs I answered the phone and took a message. I realized I left out the punctuation so I went back and corrected it in."

Mr. Sachs replied, "That's when you know you're writer. When even the little things written on scraps of paper have to be gramatically correct."

No. That makes you an English teacher. At best it makes you an editor and at worst an anal retentive grammarian.


Nina Paley said…
Hahaha. Like a High School English teacher would know what "being a writer" is.

Ohh that was mean. Did I just type that? Frank McCourt was a High School English teacher, and he's a great writer. So I guess it's possible. But Mr. Sachs sounds like a loser.

You keep on writing your crazy misspelled grammatically incorrect brilliance!
Rob said…
grammar is important.

shut up.
rachael said…
Thanks Nina.

And yes, Rob, grammar is important but the value a person places on it does not make them a writer. You love grammar. Do you want to write books or do you want to broker book deals?