Maybe Hollywood is Run by the Teacher's Union

If you're bored this coming weekend maybe you'd like to check out a movie. I saw the coming attraction for Freedom Writers today. From what I could tell it seems like the Stand and Deliver for this generation. A Dangerous Minds for people who prefer brunnettes to blondes. A Lean on Me for those who will forever link Morgan Freeman and Hillary Swank (after Million Dollar Baby.) It's a Take the Lead without the fun dancing.

I get it, Hollywood, underprivileged children hate school and that's why they're poverty strinken and can't get a leg up. Schools, especially city schools, are over crowded and full of burcreacy. If only teachers cared like Hillary Swank's character seems to care in the trailer, there'd be no more poverty. No more gangs. No more drug dealing. Nope. What Hollywood fails to realize is that all children hate school--rich or poor, black or white. Studenst hardly ever learn anything from attending. Have you seen Jay Leno's bit "Jay Walking" where he asks random people basic questions. These poor kids in these movies are not going to get anywhere now that some bright eyed idealist stepped into their class room. The children of the rich and upper middle class fair better economically when they reach adulthood not because they receive a better education but because they're parents have a wealth of business and social contacts. The best example would be our current President.


Christina said…
Took the words right out of my mouth. Now I don't have to write my own rant, feeling better that someone else in the world agrees with me. You see, as was explained to me, the huge difference between Dangerous Minds and Freedom Writers is that in Dangerous Minds they only READ books; in Freedom Writers, they WRITE. Yeah, that'll get me to watch.